Sheriff History

Since the County’s beginning on March 1st, 1844, the Office of County Sheriff has been at the forefront of Law Enforcement in Wapello County.  The Territorial Legislature made two appointments; James M. Peck was appointed Sheriff and Judge H.B. Henderschott as Clerk.  One month later on April 1st, 1844 the first election in Wapello County elected Joseph Hayne as Sheriff.

The records indicate that 35 men have served as Wapello County Sheriff since Sheriff Peck’s appointment in 1844 to the current Sheriff Don Phillips.

Sheriff Timelime

Mar. 1844 James M. Peck
1844-1849 Joseph Hayne
1849-1853 Duane F. Gaylord
1853-1855 D.H. Michael
1855-1857 William H. Williams
1857-1859 William Lewis Jr.
1859-???? L.E. Gray
????-1865 A.M. Bonnifield
1865-1867 George A. Derby
1867-1869 Thomas Bedwell
1869-1873 Samuel A. Swiggett
1873-1877 T.E. Spillman
1877-1880 D.W. Stewart
1880-1884 Sim. Chaney
1884-1888 J.W. Workman
1888-1890 L.J. Michael
1890-1894  J.W. McAntire
1894-1898 Thomas Stodghill
1898-1902 B.F. Slutts
1902-1906 J.H. Cremer
1906-1910 W.W. Jackson
1910-1914 W.E. Knox
1914-1918 C.C. Cremer
1918-1922 George H. Giltner
1922-1926 Henry Richards
1926-1928 Mason L. Kussart
1928-1932 Ralph Baker
1932-1940 C.E. Harding
1940-1948 Mike Mier
1948-1956 Everett Orman
1956-1964 Clifford Riley
1964-1972 Russell Watters
1972-1997 Bud C. Erwin
1997-2012 Donald C. Kirkendall
2012-2018 Mark H. Miller

2019-            Don Phillips