Nurse & Physical Therapy

Wapello County Public Health is a Medicare certified agency. This program is directed by physicans who must have an Iowa license. Medicare rules do not allow agencies to accept orders from nurse practitioners. The agency has registered nurses and home care aides to provide the service.

Wapello County Public Health is able to bill Medicare, Medicaid, VA, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Health Care and others. Slide fee scale available when client’s services do not meet the billing requirements. The agency will no longer accept HUMANA Insurance due to difficulty in receiving payment.

Medicare will cover acute skilled nursing services, not chronic care. Most clients are on billable services for only 60 days. Exceptions may occur as long as it meets the billing guidelines.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield may impose a ten working day delay for a decision on pre approval for home health services. The agency may start care, but if denied the patient is responsible for the cost of services.

Physical Therapy provided by a licensed therapist and assistant under doctors orders.

Please contact the agency if you have any other questions.