Emergency management

Local emergency management is addressed in Iowa Code Chapter 29C and in Iowa Administrative Code 605 Chapter 7. All items concerning emergency management are outlined in these codes. Complying with the mandates requires a high level of commitment on the part of the local emergency management agency.

Membership on the Emergency Management Commission is specified in Chapter 29C.9 and states the following: The commission shall be comprised of a member of the board of supervisors or its appointed representative, the sheriff or the sheriff’s representative and the mayor or mayor’s representative from each city in the county. The commission is required by code to hire an Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC) who is charged with carrying out the program of the Emergency Management Agency (EMA). The Administrative Code outlines the responsibilities of the Coordinator in implementing the county program.

Please contact the E.M. office by phone or email to schedule a presentation or group talk for your agency, department or group.


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