Frequently Requested Info

Wapello County Prescription Discount Card

Wapello County Supervisors have partnered with MedOne Healthcare Systems of Dubuque, Iowa, to offer all the residents of Wapello County a prescription drug discount card.  This program is made available at no charge to the County or its residents.  It is beneficial for individuals without insurance or who have insurance but cannot receive coverage for a specific prescription.

Most or all of the pharmacies in Wapello County participate in the program.  The card may be picked up at the Wapello County Board of Supervisors, 215 N. Court, Ottumwa, IA or your local pharmacy should also have the discoutn card available.

Wapello County Supplemental Food Program

The food programis for Wapello County Seniors 60 years of age & older.  This is a montly program and is distributed by the Salvation Army at 725 W. 2nd St., Ottumwa.  The application may be mailed to you by calling 641 682-7597 (Salvation Army) or 641 683-4630 (Wapello County Board of Supervisors) or you can pick them up at either location.  Fill out and mail back to the Wapello County Board of Supervisors, 215 N. Court, Ottumwa, IA  52501.  Proof of age & income are to be mailed in with the application.  Income guidelines:  for a 1 person household $1,264.00 a month and for a 2 person household $1,704.00 a month.

Stray animals

Wapello County does not pick up stray animals.  The procedure for stray animals in the county is:  contact Kelly in the Auditor’s office 683-0020 to get the approval to take the animal you have to Eastview Animal Hospital.  We then advertise in the Ottumwa Courier and will be posting on our website the description and the area where the animal was found.  The county will hold the animal for up to 5 days.

Property Tax Suspensions

Citizens meeting certain income guidelines can ask for a property tax suspension.  Certain property owners may through the Department of Human Service qualify for tax suspension.  Call the Wapello County Supervisors office for more information 641 683-4630.