Map Gallery

The map on Beacon is the GIS department’s main website.  This ties together GIS data, records from the Auditor and Assessor’s office into an interactive map that shows:

1.     Property/parcel lines and dimensions

2.     Ownership information

3.     Zoning


The county map is updated on a daily basis to show current owners and changes made throughout the day.  People can find property by typing in an owners Name, Address, Parcel ID number or a DBA search.  Property can also be found easily by clicking the Identify button and check the box next to “Map tip hover mode.” With this you only need to hover the pointer over the property and information will pop up.

Wapello County Map



Below are a few maps the GIS department has created for other County/City departments and for Non-profits.

Wapello County Conservation & Ottumwa Parks and Recreation Map

Wapello County Parks and Rec

Area Populations

Multi County Map

Voting Locations

Voting Locations

Voting Locations (Interactive)


1. search for your address in the upper right
2. click on layers and points to locate your polling location


For official information on your polling location, visit the following links or call 641-683-0020: